Recovery - The Board Game

Recovery - The Board Game




Product Description

The high-quality board measures approx. 18x18", and easily folds for storage. Included are game pieces and fifty game cards, each with scenarios, situations, dilemmas and experiences, many of which will be familiar to both addicts and "normies."

How To Play

Recovery..the board game is a humorous, share and stare, humbling, happy, healing process! it combines elements of all the games you enjoyed as a child, the lessons of adulthood, and the experiences of addiction and the recovery process shared by us all.

Game play involves playing cards, game pieces, and a comical game board that mixes a familiar look with a completely new experience . Players draw cards, follow suggestions, take direction from other players, attempt to move around the board accordingly. Players aim to avoid rock bottom and make it to the winners' circle. Along the way, watch out for control issues, humility,narrogance, and all kinds of personalities before principles!